5 Habits of Sleep Pros

Trouble SleepingDo you find yourself the last person to drift off to lala land? Are you frustrated that some people can drink two cups of coffee and still nod off for a nap, while you struggle to even lie still after 30 hours of sleep deprivation?

Here are some habits to implement to help you get a good night’s rest.

Habit #1: Sleep on a schedule.

If you’re constantly varying your schedule and trying to sneak in some sleep at differing times of day or night, your body can’t get into a steady sleep cycle. You’ll find it far easier to sleep if you get into and stick to a routine. Even if you want to take a daily nap, strive to keep it at the same time.

Habit #2: Get some routine exercise. It might seem counter-intuitive, but regularly working out helps to regulate your sleeping, and it’s a known fact that regularly exercising 20-30 minutes a day will reduce insomnia. You can fit that in with a morning or evening walk around the neighborhood. If you do walk at night, do so earlier in the evening. When you exercise, it relieves tension and increases your endorphins.

Habit #3: Avoid stimulants, particularly after noon. This means you should skip the coffee and soda, but alcohol, smoking, chocolate and even electronics can stimulate your nervous system.

Habit #4: Keep all electronics out of your bedroom. This worked like a charm for me…your bedroom should be for two things only…sleeping, and well, you know.

Habit #5: Try to avoid eating a heavy meal at night. Having a full stomach can make you bloated and uncomfortable, and of course, indigestion can keep you awake as well. Eat just enough to quench your hunger, and do so at least a couple hours before you sleep.

Not all of these habits will necessarily work for you, but, if you’re finding it hard to get good rest, they are certainly worth a try. If none of them work, consult your physician, as you may well have a sleeping disorder.