Achieving Anything Is A 3 Phase Process.

Being, Doing, HavingWhen it comes to achievement, I’ve found that there are 3 distinct phases that need to be implemented in order to quickly reach your goals. These 3 phases are being, doing, and having. In the course of this article, I’ll give the break down on all 3 phases, why each is vital, and how to use them efficiently.


When you’re making big changes in your life, working towards a goal that is relatively different from your current reality, you must first understand why it hasn’t been your reality already. The mindset of a millionaire is considerably different than that of a low-income worker. The mindset of a world-class bodybuilder is considerably different than that of a couch potato.

Honestly, I find quite a lot of the commentary on “mindset” to be a lot of woo-woo, fluffy, blow-colored-smoke up your tail pipe nonsense. I have always been action oriented, and I tend to wow people with just how much I can get done in a short span of time. But with that said, I do, however, believe mindset is important, because these are the collection of beliefs, of focus, and of discipline that lead you to success or failure. At a later time, I’ll dive much more deeply into this particular subject, and talk about how archetypes play a role in it as well. But for now, we’ll stick to the basics. If you see yourself as a victim, if you lack self-confidence in your ability to achieve a desired outcome, if you believe the process of achieving it will be hard, you are most definitely shaping the experience.

I was fortunate early in life, to have a very practical, rugged, mechanically-inclined father. The kind of Dad you’d see outside in the 16 degree, rainy weather, turning his wrench under a car, getting his knuckles bloody, and never pausing to whine about doing what needs to be done.

In my professional life, I’ve often seen considerable delays in getting things done, quite simply because a team would be more worried about how difficult a project would be, or how unpleasant the long hours, or the particular tasks would be to complete. And, the result was, it took a long time, and the experience was toil rather than excitement.

A colleague, in one position I held, used to say in her Oklahoman drawl, “Quit your bitching and just do it!” And while she wasn’t the most loved member of our team, she had a point. Yes, sometimes things require labor, sacrifice, long hours, pushing past your comfort zone. But, it boils down to the simple question, “How bad do you want it?”

In another case, I used to teach guitar, and I would begin my first lesson with a student telling them how easy it was to learn the guitar. And, in my experience, my students were learning how to play far more quickly than the students of other teachers. And it was because from the onset, I instilled the belief that the process would be easy.


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Knowing what to do, and often what not to do, is the starting point of the doing phase. People can be incredibly “busy” working, but if they aren’t doing the things that push them toward the completion of their goal, they are simply spinning their wheels, or as I would say “actively procrastinating.”

Active procrastination is when you find yourself doing “busy work” rather than addressing the proper steps you need to do to get your goal completed. For example, say you’re writing a book, and you sit down at your computer to write, but before you know it, you go do the dishes, and put the laundry in the dryer. Yes, you’re working, but, you’re not getting your book written.

It can be far more subtle though. Let’s keep with the writing the book goal. You sit down to write your book, and you get stumped on character development, so you go over to Google and you look up the topic. The next thing you know, you’ve shot through 3 hours of time reading someone’s suggestions on character development, and while doing so, noticed 3 new posts on FB, which led you over there to respond, and got you stuck watching a video as well.

This is where focus comes in to the picture, and if you really want to achieve, you’ve got to learn to create maximum focus. That means, you close your web-browser down, put your phone on silent, and get rid of any other distractions so that you are 100$ focused on the task at hand.

It helps considerably if you write out a time-line of the steps you need to take to get your goal completed, and put deadlines on each step. The more clear you can make the project timeline the more likely you will be to stay on track.


Most of us have a tendency to put all of our celebration at the end of a result. For example, my Dad used to say, I’ll be happy when I win the lottery. What a sad idea to think you’ve placed your happiness into the hands of such astronomical odds. But, you know the thrust behind this, “I’ll be happy when I get my degree.” or “I’ll be happy when I’m married”, whatever the goal, take some time to enjoy the process, celebrate the completion of each step. Fully embrace the journey, not just the destination. The enthusiasm you generate from doing this, will make each goal you seek to achieve easier moving forward.

So what would you like to create in your life? Be-Do-Have. There’s the formula. Fill in the blanks for each, and get to it.