All About Who You Know Huh?

Do you know that studies have pointed to the fact that you are only five to six steps removed from anyone on the planet.

Imagine that if you go simply five to six people deep in your network of people that you know, that you could have audience with essentially anyone in the world. So, if you’re of the belief that it’s all about “who you know,” well, your excuse just died on the vine.

While there is an art to “networking” it’s not all that difficult to do.

The big key principle you need to remember is that if you make yourself valuable, and memorable, people will want to connect with you, and connect you with others. Always give value first.

Another thing to make your mode of operation, is when you make a connection, make it for a lifetime. This means following up with people, and asking questions instead of making requests. Don’t be the fair weather friend. Always show interest in what’s going on with the people you know, this will help you keep connections for a lifetime.

Networking is getting easier with social media, and if someone you know, knows someone you want to know, ask them to introduce you. The introduction will be a welcome formality, coming from a friend, which makes it far more likely you’ll be well received. Don’t make the mistake of asking for things, but rather let the introduction follow its natural course.

Remember this the next time that you reach for the excuse that so and so knows the right people!