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Are You Using Teamwork To Build Your Dreams?

I grew up in a very self-sufficient household. My Dad’s mantra was frequently, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” I must admit, quite often I find myself doing exactly that, and for many of the same reasons that my Dad had.

So often, if we’re striving for “perfection” we are forced to do everything ourselves. But, let’s face it, the world simply isn’t perfect, and nothing in it is either.

The greatest problem we face when we try to do EVERYTHING ourselves is time. No matter how productive you are, it’s nearly impossible to stay on top of everything, and to even know how to do everything to even start with.

And, time being our greatest commodity, unless we keep our ambitions low, we simply won’t have enough of it to do what it takes to build our dreams.

This is why the greatest minds, the greatest leaders, and the world’s most successful people master the art of delegation. In truth, many things don’t have to be “perfect.” They simply have to be done. Of course they have to be done well enough that you don’t waste even more time having to redo it.

So, the key here is a simple question, “Is this the best use of my time in light of the goals that I have.” If it makes more sense to hire someone to get something knocked out, and you can apply the time you save achieving things that have a larger effect on the outcomes, then perhaps the cost of hiring someone is worth it.

Think of your life, is your time best spent cleaning the house? cutting the yard? What are those hours costing you in terms of what you could be doing with them instead. How about your health? You certainly wouldn’t operate on yourself, you’d go get a specialist for that right? How about buying a home? Would you use a real estate agent to find the perfect place for you, or drive from neighborhood to neighborhood, just hoping to get lucky? Of course, if you get joy from doing something, I’m not telling you not to do it. It may well be that you enjoy doing the yard work, and it gives you a “workout” in the process. Or you might clean the house, simply because you enjoy dusting. But if you spent that time adding 20% to the bottom line of your business, could you justify a maid service or a lawn crew?

The bottom line is, we have limited resources. Like it or not, you have a limited amount of time, money and health. So it makes perfect sense to prioritize, what will you attempt, what will you actually do yourself, and how will you spend those resources. Life goes by fast. And you only get one of them.