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Forming Good Habits For A More Successful Life

HabitsGood habits are a cornerstone necessity in all areas of our lives if we want to live a successful life. Whether we want to maintain great health, manage our finances or keep our relationships on an even keel, habits come directly into play. This article will take a quick look at why good habits are great to have, and how you can go about forming them.


Personal Habits

Are you aware of the good habits you already have? Do you have a regular exercise schedule? Do you keep your bills organized so you pay them consistently on time? Even though these things may seem to be part of “normal life” they are good habits. They help you stay organized and on track.

Whenever you have a normal “routine” that you perform without having to think about it, you’re actually doing tasks that have already become habits. If, on the other hand, you have certain tasks or chores that seem like a daily effort, or you have a hard time remembering to do them, they simply haven’t become habitual yet. The awesome thing though, is that it only takes 3 weeks on average for something to become a habit. The most difficult part is getting yourself through the first few weeks.

There are a multitude of areas in your personal life that can truly benefit from habit formation. Certainly exercising regularly can help you maintain a healthy weight. It will keep your energy levels high and make you feel better. Being in the habit of spending time with your children and spouse keeps your family relationships more fulfilling. Planning out your work week can help you be more productive. And it can get you that promotion or increase your profits if you run a business.

Why Habits Matter

Most of these things can be easily planned and arranged by using a calendar. These days, most of us have them on our computer, smart phone or tablet. This makes it even simpler to stay focused. In many cases you can even set reminders to pop up. They can then encourage you to remain committed to the life you’re planning for yourself. And simply the act of planning over time will become a new habit as well. And it’s one that will quickly improve all areas of your life. As you plan, you’ll find yourself getting more efficient. You’ll be able to spend more time with your family and friends. And you’ll see just how much time you actually do have when your less distracted and relying on spontaneity.

Business Habits

Whether a job, or a business, there are quite a few things you should be doing regularly at intervals. Things like checking your emails and voicemail. Creating to-do lists, so you stay on top of your work schedule. Or responding promptly to customer service issues.

Communications in the work environment are usually deadline oriented. They require response and planning to achieve the goals of your company. Certainly, if you don’t respond to customer service issues, you’ll likely lose customers. Or you may experience more refund requests.

When it comes to business, creating to-do lists is perhaps one of the best habits you can form. You can categorize them in different ways. You might categorize them by due date, priority or the amount of time they require.

Having a to-do list in place can make you considerably more productive. I find it best to write my to-do lists just prior to bed time. That way, I can grab it first thing in the morning and start my day as productively as possible. I then review it at the end of the day. If I haven’t completed something, I push it to the next list for tomorrow.


Final Thought

Create positive habits in your life. Get more focused and organized. This helps you thrive, and makes the most out of the time you have. Let’s face it, time is the most precious commodity we have in life. And we never quite know the balance. Your habits are a pretty solid indicator of how successful you’ll be in life. As an exercise, why not list your current habits. Then assess if your habits reflect your goals and dreams. Then create a list of habits you’d like to replace or adopt. Finally, pick one habit and start working on it.