Not having the life you want… What’s even worse?

Having The Life You WantWhat’s even worse than not having the life you want? This really hit me hard. 🙁
I got news recently of a friend who passed away tragically in a fire. We talked on occasion…

But honestly, we weren’t all that close.

She was a quirky woman. But she loved her daughter, and her dogs…and she was loved by quite a few people.

Just days before she’d talked with my sister-in-law, and she’d posted about how much she missed her daughter after Christmas and how much she was looking forward to seeing her again in February.

But then just a few nights ago, she went to sleep, and she never woke again. She died right in bed with her two little doggies from smoke inhalation.

And what hit me the hardest was, she had so many dreams, so many plans for the future.

She had her ups and down, just like the rest of us, but she still had so much enthusiasm for life and she was still reaching for her bliss.

And like it so often happens, I found myself wishing I’d talked with her more.

I wished I’d have been able to share Taming the World with her, so that she could have seized more opportunities at happiness.

It was just another reminder of how fragile life can be, and how valuable the time we have truly is.

The thing is, my friend can’t read another report. She can’t apply another principle. She can’t go for another dream…she’s resting in peace now.

But YOU can.

You still have time for… having the life you want

More important than downloading one or all of the Intro guides available right here on this site…

Is to read them, apply them to your life…

You have the power to make the absolute most of the time.

Make more money, enjoy greater health…

Create, explore, travel…

But most importantly, love and be loved.

That’s my wish for you…

All the best!