Make Boring Tasks Fun

Successful people do the things most people aren’t willing to do.

And that is one of the big keys that makes them able to succeed. They can delay the gratification of doing the fun stuff. They can deny themselves the easy path. And, that find ways to take the difficult, boring or outright unpleasant tasks and make them fun.

If you can take the same approach a parent takes with a child, and make games out of things you don’t want to do, you’ll be far more likely to achieve them. If it’s repetitive, can you create a system to whiz through it quickly. Perhaps break it down into steps, and create an “assembly line” for getting each step done.

If it’s difficult, do it poorly enough times to make it easy. Riding a bike was difficult at first. So was driving a car. Even tying your shoes took many trial runs before you could get it right on your own. And how did you learn it? Did you do the rabbit running around the tree?

If it’s unpleasant, poke fun at the process. Most people snicker at flatulence right? Can you imagine how funny you look from inside the warm, dry diner changing that tire in a thunderstorm?

Most often, we make things more difficult by attaching a feeling of dread to the idea of doing them. We’ll spend more time complaining about getting it done than it actually takes to do it.