Why there is a 1%…and why so many people fail to realize their dreams.

The 1%Nearly everyone I’ve ever met had at least one great idea.

And, I’m talking about the kind of idea that could make them a fortune.

99 out of 100 never do. Maybe 15 of them spend a whole lot of money chasing the dream, and blow it.

I’m sure there will be a few who read this who will say, money isn’t everything. And, if that’s you, you’re right.


Money pays the bills. It pays for the family vacation. It pays for the kid’s college. It pays for the open heart surgery, and the assisted care for your Mom.

I’ve done well in life, but I’m not a huge fan of the Rolex watch, the Mercedes or the sprawling mansion nestled in a gated community.

Egotistical appeals for recognition just aren’t my bag. I really don’t care to be envied.

But back to this big reason why only 1% of our civilization accumulates the kind of wealth that could fund a small country.

It’s very simple. And yet it isn’t easy, as it’s abundantly obvious that most people haven’t figured it out.

The way that someone in the 1% approaches life is vastly different.

One of the greatest aspects of this is the ability to delay gratification.

And that all boils down to patience, discipline, and the lack of scarcity thinking.

Most people play not to lose, rather than playing to win.

You can see this every tax season, when people are getting advances on their refunds, or plan on how they’re going to blow that cash before it’s even in hand.

I’m not above it. In 1993, I spent 6 months in Yokusaka, Japan. I was 23, single and my bills were extremely low.

What made it even easier was, I was working on full per diem, half way across the planet.

I came home, all my bills current with a nice $43k in the bank. Quite simply because I’d had 6 months living out of motel room, working lots of over time, and half of it was made tax free.

And in those 6 months, I’d given a great deal of thought to what I wanted to do with that money. And, looking back, for a 23 year old, I was pretty damn wise.

My intention was to satisfy one big desire. I wanted a Corvette. Not a new one, but a nicely kept used Stingray. I figured that was going to cost me at the time, about $7k.

The rest of the ¬†money, I’d planned to use to buy AOL stock. Had I done so, I once figured I’d have netted about $4 million.

And I wasn’t greedy. I would have placed stops in my trades, bought with limit orders, and sold when I figured I had enough.

The only problem was, when I returned to the U.S., and shared my plans with my father, he shot it down quickly.

And honestly, I was at the age where my father’s approval still mattered to me.

So instead of making a move that would have allowed me to retire before I was 30, I decided to spite him, and I partied like a rock star for about 8 months.

I bought the best stereo system I could buy. I had Cerwin Vega speakers that could rattle my neighbors dentures out.

I bought clothes, and dressed in style.

And I became the most popular guy at the local bars, particularly a gentleman’s club I frequented. I drank hard, tipped hard, and well, let’s just say Hank Moody would have given me mad props.

8 months later, I’d felt exactly what it was like to live the life of the rich and famous, but, I burned through all of my surplus and I was back to paycheck to paycheck living.

And even worse, Clinton slashed the military budget, and the contract I was working under expired. No more full per diem, no receipts required.

My standard of living declined. Then declined again.

And, I wound up with cancer, and later bankruptcy complements of my job conditions. Though, trying to ever prove that is an exercise in futility.

I survived, and for that I’m extremely thankful.

So, I totally know what it’s like to burn through money. And, I know what it’s like to rack up the credit cards to keep the gravy train going just a little longer.

I’ve been there, for the wild ride and the fast skid into an oak tree, metaphorically speaking.

But, the point here is, wealthy people don’t do that.

They have self-control. They aren’t concerned about what their friends and neighbors think.

They focus on earning first, and take a long time to spend. And when they do spend, they tend to buy assets that make them even more money, rather than styling it up, trying to look like they have deeper pockets than they actually do.

But there’s more to it.

They have vision, and that vision is long range.

They see problems, and they know solutions are valuable.

They value their time, and they don’t mind charging for it.

They use leverage, with their time, their productivity, their business, their investments….every possible way they can.

Wealthy people are willing to put a lot of work in the front end of a project, delay getting paid, but then set it up so they get paid many times for the same work.

Think in terms of selling products rather than services. With services, you are limited in how much you can earn by how many hours you can work.

This simply isn’t true if you create products. Because you can create products and sell them again and again.

But if you haven’t figured it out yet, that self-control they have, comes from knowing themselves well enough to prevent them from compulsive behavior.

They can focus on one thing at a time, which means they can work for 3 months on something without needing a bender twice a week on the credit cards.

Perhaps they understand themselves enough to know that if say, they have a tendency to be polite, they also understand that to get things done, they’ll probably need to stay off of social media and turn the phone off while they work, otherwise, they’ll lose countless hours they could have spent being productive.

That 1% knows that maintaining good health is vital to push themselves to do the things that make them successful. So they eat healthy food in moderation. They workout regularly. They take care of themselves first.

They remain ahead of the curve and anticipate emerging needs in the market place. So they are disciplined readers, and they diversify their knowledge.

Realizing they can’t know everything, they seek out people with expertise as a further leverage on their time. And they know how much their time is worth, so they can decide accurately if their time is worth more than the fees to retain an “expert.”

They also understand that trying something once will probably end in failure, and rather than stopping at the failure, they learn from it, recalibrate and continue.

Wealthy people also know where to designate their limited resources. If they start a business, they don’t blow most of their nest egg on a fancy office, expensive business cards, or product development. They focus most of their funds to the actual sales and marketing process, which is, by the way, the real money making activity that leads to the whole point of starting a business, profit.

None of the skills the 1% use to get to their station in life are beyond your reach, but they may be beyond your priority.

These are the things I coach. These are the principles you’ll discover in Taming The World.

It isn’t for everyone. And, the fair warning is, if you learn and apply them, quite honestly, people will hate you.

I’m not even kidding. You can be the most loving, amiable, giving person in the world, but if you pursue what I can teach you, people will hate you.

And it’s because you’ll be far more effective. You’ll get things done, better, and faster than most people you’ll ever meet. And people will feel intimidated, threatened, and envious…no matter how you treat them, or what you do for them.

If I sound like I’m trying to discourage you, perhaps I am a little. They say ignorance is bliss, and while I know if you’re reading this, you may well disagree…

You’re probably feeling discontent with your life…

You’re probably dreaming of a much bigger future…

Many people reading this, will fail. They won’t invest in themselves. They won’t read what they purchased if they do. They’ll quit before they succeed….

And even more so, many people reading this won’t buy because they really want to “Tame the World” or achieve greatness…they’ll simply buy “hope” following one flashy sales page to an order form for a product they’ll barely ever look at, to another, to another.

If that sounds like you…don’t retain me. Don’t buy my products. I don’t want to sell to you. I’ll gladly point you to an order page where you can buy a $2 glass globe with a dandelion seed and the word “wish” engraved on a little metal plaque above it. Because, that’s all you’ll really need to feel good for the moment…and that moment is fleeting, you and I both know it.

But if you’ve done the soul searching, and you know you truly want to run the gauntlet… you truly want to live a magnificent life full of great health, plenty of free time, romantic getaways, unhindered access to pursuing your true passions…then the time is now.

Today, I’m alive and well. And today, I’m making time for people like that. It isn’t cheap, and it shouldn’t be. My products aren’t the typical crap you’ll buy…there’s no “Law of Attraction” wish in one hand shit in another and see which one fills up first on your dime b.s.. I’ll have you drilling deep into your subconscious mind, tearing apart the trauma from your past, pushing past your bad habits and creating better ones…I’ll work the living shit out of you, until you have the proper framework to grab whatever opportunity you want to pursue and make it actually work for you.

And, I’m doing it, because I have goals too, and when I reach those goals, I’m going to move to a remote locale, build a home that caters to my precise lifestyle, and I’m going to disappear. I don’t need approval, and I need very little in the way of interaction with our culture and the people who flock to the cities to consume it. So, the time is ticking, and I’m moving ever closer to that goal. That’s the deadline, and the scarcity you’re facing…no phony countdowns, just the real deal.

I adopted an old Jewish proverb a long time ago. “A rich man, knows when he has enough.” And when I’m at that state of knowing, I’ll be gone.

So, shit or get off the pot. Do it now.