Make 2018 The Best Year Of Your Life So Far…

Your Best Year So Far

All Hands On Deck!

I’d suggest you may want to take the few minutes or so It’ll take you to read this page.

As we wind down 2017, just a question for you…

Did you rise to the challenges of the year, or do you feel like you had to bail out of a sinking ship?

Better than anything you’ll find anywhere else…probably better than any paid training you’ve had in the last 5 years.

In FACT, the training you’ll receive right here (or on the Taming The World Facebook page) is worth at least $5k.

These are the exact principles I’ve taught my coaching clients over they years to make better decisions, the kind of decisions that mean the difference between a divorce and turning things around for a fantastic marriage, or, the difference between $80,000 in stock gains versus standing on the sidelines of an opportunity, or, the difference between eating healthier and feeling better than you have in years to developing type II diabetes.

In other words, this is high octane, no b.s., straight-forward training in being your very best.

Here’s Part 1.

Please do these things in order. If you skip ahead, or fail to complete any step, you’ll greatly diminish your results.


Better Choices, Better Chances

{Rise Up 2018}

Alright, first, I’m totally stoked to share this with you…

Take a few minutes to read this section, and about 5 minutes to read the linked PDF (Better Choices, Better Chances) and I can GUARANTEE you, you’re going to be absorbing the problem-solving process that I’ll be teaching you over the next few days.

Beginning next month, you are going to see some huge changes in Taming The World.

My goal has always been to deliver a platform with actionable strategy, a strong community to support your ambitions, and bite-sized content that will get your life manageable, under control, and more so, THRIVING.

SUCCESS is a team sport, and, if you’re here, I want you to be a part of that team, and more importantly, central to it all, to enjoy more of that success in your own life!

The simple fact is, the world can be a scary place sometimes. It can throw you curves you never saw coming. Things can easily spiral out of control. And whether you’re nearly homeless and hanging by a thread, or you’re enjoying a penthouse apartment, I’ve yet to meet anyone who was absolutely happy with every facet of their lives.

But, having coached as many clients as I have, has given me an almost surgical skill to assess what’s going on, and then, most importantly, help people develop the core skills that EMPOWER them to grab the bull by the horns, so to speak, and start rapidly making their journey through life more exciting and fun.

This first PDF is going to address decision making from the ground level…and every day from today through the conclusion, I’ll have a small task inside the PDF for you to do…

For those of you who do the ONE small “under a minute action” I ask you to, I’ll give you something that will be like the magic beans Jack got…allowing you to climb higher in life going ahead than you probably ever have before. Now, this began on the Facebook page, and so, these small favors I ask would ordinarily be simple comments you’d post. Since we’re going about this a bit differently here directly on the website, just shoot me an email. You can respond to the emails I send you. Or you can do so here:

It’s important that you do respond though, this is my feedback loop to make sure you’re getting the benefits of this course.

So with that, grab the PDF, read it, and do the action steps.

Grab the PDF here…

Read it, do the exercises in it, and then proceed forward.


Memento More and Mise En Place

Here’s Lesson 2…In Lesson 1, I asked a small favor, and I noticed only about 3 people actually did it. That’s my feedback loop to let me know you’re actually utilizing these lessons…

Take a few minutes to read this post, and about 5 minutes to read the linked PDF (Memento More and Mise En Place) and I can GUARANTEE you, you’re going to be on the verge of mastering the problem-solving process that I’ll be teaching you over the next few days.

This second PDF is going to dig in to a process that makes “New Year’s resolutions” look exactly as stupid as they are…and again, I’ll have a small task inside the PDF for you to do…

So with that, grab the PDF, read it, and do the action steps.

Grab the PDF here…

At this point, if you’ve completed all of the exercises, you’ll already be more prepared to make the most of your life than 90+% of the population. You’ll have a clearer idea of where your life is, what you need to start focusing on, and most importantly, where your time, energy and resources will best serve to create the life you want, and that’ll greatly enjoy.



2018 Rise Up

This ties it all together. This one will take awhile, but I encourage you to take the time…invest that time in yourself!

I can assure you, doing so, is going to make your life change, quite a lot, and faster than you think.

Grab the PDF here:


I can’t encourage you enough to go over to the Taming The World Facebook page, as, it’s a platform that allows greater interaction, not only with me, but with other people just like you that are ready to stop “getting ready to get ready” and start making life really work for you.

I understand not everyone has a Facebook account, and/or they may not want to interact there, but let’s face it…you’ve likely downloaded a bunch of free “ebooks” or “videos” and a lot of them went unread am I wrong? Here’s the bottom line: I can only help you as much as you allow me to. I know it’s extremely uncommon for people to be “hands on” and to work with you without cost. And I’m not going to kid you and suggest there will never be a time I won’t offer you a service or product that actually costs money. But, I also recognize that the way we can build trust in one another is for me to deliver actual value to you, something that will actually improve your life. Once you’ve seen that work, you’ll feel confident in my ability to help you, and it should be clear that going further with me is a good investment. That’s fair enough isn’t it?

I’m gifting this to you because I sincerely care. So many people get to the end of their lives and look back with regret. Regret for the things they didn’t achieve. Regret for the things they meant to do but never got around to. I want better than that for you, and, since this is free, there is nothing stopping you from using this, but you. You can do it!

Now, I have a question for you…and I ask that you email me…would you like to get on a webinar and start mapping this out? I need to know soon…let’s get this happening before New Year’s Eve.